MB Motor Specialist have a fully equipped workshop and MOT Test Centre, and highly trained technicians and MOT Testers. This enables us to deliver the best possible service, using the highest quality materials; MB Motor Specialist chose high quality products over maximising profit margins everytime.


Car Servicing, MOT Testing & Repair
Oil Changes, Wheel Bearings, Engine Rebuilds, Welding, Gasket Replacements etc.... We do it all at MB Motor Specialist




Diagnostics & Fault Finding
Utilising some of the latest and most advanced diagnostic software, we
can identify, and fix faults much more quickly. Therefore reducing cost 
and getting your car back to you sooner. No more need for the main
dealer; just come to MB Motor Specialist.


Vehicle Restoration

MB Motor Specialist, are regularly involved in car restoration projects. 

MB Motor Specialist welcome any enquiries relating to projects, we're happy offer full ground up rebuilds, welding, panel replacement, resprays, paint re-finishing, interior re-finishing; the list goes on. We will also help you to achieve the OE+ specification i.e should you wish to own a 1970's car with aircon, or bluetooth, or any other modern comforts; we can modify the car to meet your needs and offer a truly bespoke restoration.


Auto Body Repair & Detailing
MB Motor Specialist have a fully equipped body shop and paint work preparation area. We can offer single panel repairs, or full body resprays. MB also offer paint work defect removal, should your classic or modern car have tired or swirled paint; and you desire that sharp, levelled, mirror finish, get in touch and ask how we can help.



Vehicle Geometry Alignment
When it comes to vehicle geometry alignment a lot of people don't realise how truly beneficial it can be. If you're buying new tyres, or you've noticed uneven tread wear, then it should be a priority. When steering and suspension components are changed it is also critical the car is re-aligned.
MB Motor Specialist use the latest digital imaging equipment to get your car exactly where it should be. This is will save you money on fuel, tyres, and dramatically improve the way the car handles and stops.
If you have never had the car properly checked, get in touch. We will set the car up and ensure its safe, and to the manufacturer specification.